The most exciting network logo ever.

Adult Swim (or [adult swim] as their fanboys would no doubt spell it) is a programming block on Cartoon Network which caters to "adult" males, ages 18-34. All others have an observed tendency to respond to Adult Swim programming with such remarks as
  • Wait, so is the milkshake their leader or is it the French Fries?
  • Isn't that that bird guy super-hero from the '60s? Why is he having sex with Boo-boo?
  • Wow. They just keep saying the N-word, don't they.
  • Wait, so what powers does the milkshake have, anyway?
  • Didn't Fox cancel this?
  • Um. I don't get it.

Long the vaunted broadcaster of animated gems, Adult Swim pushed the boundaries in April 2006 with the triumphant return of Saved by the Bell. This live action sitcom is clearly the vanguard of Adult Swim's unique brand of supposedly wry wit and two-dimensional characters.

Origin StoryEdit

Adult Swim was exposed to radiation while attending a Braves/Mets game in 1998. After a long bout with cancer, it discovered that it had acquired the power to tap into a lucrative demographic with only programming hastily created in Flash and programs rescued from the Anguish department at Fox. Quickly realizing that such powers couldn't really be used for good, Adult Swim settled for at least not using them for overt evil while making AOL Time Warner a lot less money than their fanboys probably think.

Notable ProgramsEdit

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