Alex Karras became an actor after a long stint as a professional football player, starring as a striker with Manchester United. Upon his retirement from football, Karras immediately dove into acting, starring alongside international football star Pele in Victory, as a pair of POWs who single-handedly defeat a team of genetic Nazi supermen in a football match, thus winning World War II. Karras also starred in Footballin', a low-budget softcore pornographic movie about the oft-salacious world of international football; Karras played Horny Idiot No. 3.

With few other football-themed motion pictures to appear in, Karras soon found himself out of work. His career stalled, he turned to television. Hired as a sideline reporter for ABC's Monday Night Football telecasts of North American Soccer League matches, Karras became terrifically popular for his in-depth knowledge, wit, and propensity to spew on-air profanities when the mood struck him. He parlayed his Monday Night Football success into a role on the popular sitcom Webster.

Karras continued to enjoy his post-football career by making appearances at numerous Webster conventions around the country (such as WebCon IV in Duluth, Minnesota, and Webster-Rama Ma'am-O-Jama in Troy, Alabama) and occasionally placing obscene phone calls to Conrad Bain, who as a result broke into Karras' house and decapitated Karras in a fit of rage in October 2012.