Ally McBeal, a Fox dramedy created by David E. Kelley, was commissioned by Fox's Torment division to establish clear, undeniable proof that God did not exist. It was originally titled Single Female Lawyer.

The series told the story of young lawyer Allison Conchetta Wilberforce McBeal, whose crushing student loans had left her too poor to afford enough fabric to sew a proper miniskirt. Suffering from hallucinations brought on by her extreme hunger, Ally struggled to prove her worth in a law firm full of crazy people, all the while looking for the right man. (Presumably so that she could eat him.)

Unfortunately for the Torment division, a certain segment of the population assumed that a series about a hot, emaciated, microminiskirted lawyer was proof that God did exist, and that He liked the skinny chicks. After steadily increasing the show's awfulness for five years in an attempt to persuade them otherwise, Fox finally threw up its hands and cancelled the show.

Ally McBeal was voiced by actress Calista Flockhart, and portrayed onscreen by a sophisticated marionette developed by The Jim Henson Company. The series also starred Peter MacNicol as a fish. Or maybe a cage. One of the two.

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