American Chopper is a sketch comedy troupe founded in 2002 primarily by former cast members of MadTV and The State. Their self-titled television series debuted on the Discovery Channel in 2003.


Each episode features the construction of increasingly outlandish motorcycles as a framing device for a series of sketches that take place in a New York state motorcycle shop. A regular cast of characters appears in each episode, both in the motorcycle shop and at various locations. Past shows have included sporting events, trips to Europe, and a visit to NASA.

Reoccuring CharactersEdit

Paul, Sr. (Will Sasso) is the patriarch of the motorcycle-building family at the center of most of the show's sketches.

Paul, Jr. (Michael Ian Black) is the brash but talented son of Paul, Sr.

Mikey (Kyle Glass) is the slacker son of Paul, Sr. whose bumbling antics bedevil each motorcycle project.

Vinnie (Ken Marino) is Junior's loyal sidekick and confidant.

Rick (Nicole Sullivan) is the world-weary journeyman mechanic with a heart of gold.

Jason Poole (Christian Finnegan), is the most recent addition to the cast. His character was added at the insistence of the Discovery Channel in the hopes of reaching a younger demographic with his goofy but artistic persona.

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