The BBC is a hoity-toity British television network that drinks tea with its pinky finger sticking out. The call letters are short for "Blimey, Bollocks, an' Cor!" after its three founding engineers -- Rupert Blimey, Hampstead Bollocks, and Percival Cornwallis. It churns out a line of fancy-dress costume dramas designed primarily to be exported to America and largely ignored when rebroadcast on PBS.

It is known for its cardboard sets, dentally challenged actors, and sad, sad aspirations to be a "real" network. Due to the primitive television-making technology available in the United Kingdom, an entire season of a BBC series may span only six episodes, and years or even decades may pass between the end of one season and the beginning of another. It's just pathetic, really.

American viewers, who know the BBC only through the relatively high-quality shows that survive the arduous journey across the Atlantic, sometimes mistakenly believe that the BBC's offerings are universally superior to American television. This is because they are entirely unaware of the existence of programs like Have You Had Your Tea, Vicar?, The Lives of the Prime Ministers' Kidneys, The Very Best of Women's Bowls: Derbyshire Edition, and The Leprachauns of Dunnawee.

Notable ShowsEdit