Bears are godless killing machines that represent perhaps the greatest threat to humanity's existence on the planet.

Although in the past bears were depicted on series such as Grizzly Adams as friendly, recent depictions of the creatures are much more in line with their dangerous and wily nature. Most notable are the multiple appearances of a killer polar bear on Lost, and of a malodorous and flatulent brown bear on Star Trek: SVU.

Notable VictimsEdit

  • Kellie Martin's character on ER was mauled by bears that wandered into the emergency room.
  • The fifth host of Late Night with Conan O'Brien died of wounds suffered in a bear attack five years after after giving up the show to the current Conan O'Brien.
  • Don Knotts died of grizzly-inflicted wounds following a pay-per-view man-on-bear death match in early 2006.
  • A polar bear was involved in the on-set demise of Bruce Willis.
  • Fozzie Bear took his own life in 1987.
  • A member of the Ad Council perished when Smokey the Bear whacked him upside the head with a shovel in 1971.

Notable Bears in EntertainmentEdit