Because of the presence in the cast of former Mercury Player Agnes Moorehead, many believe that Bewitched was the anonymous work of Orson Welles. Just as Welles' classic Citizen Kane was about a man's transformation from idealist into a self-centered misanthrope, so Bewitched is also a story of transformation. In this case, however, Welles drives home the theme of transformation by actually re-casting the role of the viewpoint character midway through the run of the series. Dick York was replaced by Dick Sargent in the role of advertising executive Darrin Stevens. The reference to iconic American war hero "Sergeant York" could hardly have been accidental, and Welles surely sought to contrast Alvin C. York's stolid virtue with Darrin Stevens' bumbling idiocy in service to corporate America and the valueless world of advertising.

Elizabeth Montgomery is reported to be in the show as well.

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