CSI: New York is a spinoff of CSI on CBS. It stars Gary Sinise as a hard-bitten NYPD crime scene investigator who meticulously sifts through the tiny fragments of his shattered career to discover where it all went terribly wrong. His catch phrase -- "You know I used to do theater with Malkovich in Chicago?" -- has become a surprise hit on the Internet, appearing on a variety of fan-made T-shirts and bumper stickers.

Oh, and the lady from Providence is on there too. Huh.

Also, that guy from Friends. No, not one of the famous ones. No, not Matt LeBlanc, either. He was Rachel's boyfriend/sexual harrassment complainant for about an hour. Cam or Rod or... Tag! Yeah, that's it. Tag. Because apparently there are people named Tag. Remember him? I think he played a male prostitute on Law & Order: SVU, too. It took me a while, but I'm sure it's the same guy.

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