The CW was stitched together in hideous Frankensteinian fashion from various severed appendages of The WB and UPN, and debuted in fall 2006 to mild disinterest and occasional yawns. "It's alive! It's aliiiiiiive!" cackled network president Dawn Ostroff, clad in a white lab coat and big dark goggles, at the network's first upfront presentations. The CW then proceeded to clamber off its lab table before an audience of terrified journalists, befriend a blind man, and toss a little girl in a lake. Network officials later claimed that this was all a tie-in to the CW's "Free to Be a Shambling Abomination to God and Man" promotional campaign.

The CW is a very, very green network.

The WB's former logo, Michigan J. Frog, is currently encased in a box in the cornerstone of the CW headquarters. UPN's former logo is a Wayans Brother, I think.

Notable ShowsEdit