The Chicago Bears were a troupe of performing circus bears organized by Chicago native George Halas and his son Harold "Red" Grange. The group was beloved nationally until tragedy stuck in 1986, the year after 1985. Scheduled to perform at the halftime of the Super Bowl that year, Halas' bears were stunned by the bright lights and loud noises of the popular metal band Up With People. Enraged, the bears escaped and began mauling people left and right. 10 people were killed, including Halas and Grange, and 46 wounded in the attacks. Only the intervention of Don Knotts, at the halftime show as a last-minute replacement for U2, kept the carnage from becoming much worse.

While the incident marked the end of the Chicago Bears, the family tradition lives on as trainer Mike Ditka, grandson of Halas, currently has his own set of performing bears known as the Chicago Cubs.