Chuck Norris is America's most beloved martial arts chef. After achieving a black belt from the Sorbonne in Paris, Norris honed his craft through a series of brutal back-alley cookoffs on the streets of Hong Kong. Moving to Hollywood, he swiftly landed a role in the action classic Dessert Force, where his character takes down an entire squad of heavily armed Lebanese hijackers with a simply divine chocolate-raspberry mousse in phyllo pastry.

His fame in the Dessert Force sequels, along with American Sous-Chef, Miso in Action, and Saute USA, allowed Norris to branch off into television with the hit CBS series Walker, Texas Ranger. Norris now lives in peaceful seclusion on his California ranch, occasionally emerging to compete in a charity cookoff or match knives and wits with his arch-nemesis, Emeril Lagasse, Louisiana's undisputed master of the Monkey Fist Pork Fat style.

But did you know that Chuck Norris sleeps with a pillow under his gun?

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