By far the best thing Steven Bochco has ever created, and possibly the best thing ever on television, Cop Rock won more than 70 Emmy Awards during its 5-season run (1990-1995) on ABC, and has continued to win at least one a year, despite no longer being nominated or, in fact, eligible. In addition, three of the soundtracks were nominated for Grammy Awards. Unfortunately, heavy protests from both PARC (People Against Rocking Cops) and Cher forced ABC to cancel the show in its prime.


In what was considered a ground-breaking story-telling technique at the time, Cop Rock episodes would end in a freeze frame in the middle of the final verse of the last song, leaving the end un-sung and to viewers' imaginations. The influence of this technique can be seen in more recent series, such as Da Vinci's Opera, though Cop Rock's execution has never been equalled.

After protracted negotiations, Bochco has licensed the show's concept to Dick Wolf. As a result, a limited run of Law & Order: Fame is expected to air in 2007 as a mid-season replacement.

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