Court TV is the cable network dedicated completely to courting couples who may (or may not) get married, buy a home, have 2.4 children, and erect a thoroughly useless but highly ironic white-picket fence around their home. As could be expected, the network's currently most promoted shows are its syndicated reruns of "Temptation Island" and "Picket Fences".

Court TV also has at least 27 made-for-television movies on its schedule every week. These range from "Tina, Trust Him!: The Tina Timias Story" to "Susie, Sue Him!: The Susie Soolie Story", from "Marsha Must Be Set Free: The Marsha Marsha Mo'Marsha Story" to "Deidre, Don't Die!: The Deidre Diddumcakes Story." Not all, but most of these films star Meredith Baxter-Birney and Nancy McKeown, with occasional guest appearances by Delta Burke.

However, all is not well at Court TV. The network's newly released demographic information from Summer 2006 indicates that its viewing audience consists entirely of pregnant women and gay men. To that end, the network is working on developing 3 new shows as mid-season debuts in Winter 2007. So far, only titles have been released: "Baby, You're Pregnant!", "Lube, Where's My Dude?", and "I Can't Be Your Baby Daddy!" This last show is getting the most hype, as the show "seeks to combine our two most loyal viewing audiences and bring them together as people groups to learn about each other's needs and desires," according to the network's website. "It's a long shot," says TV critic Sniffy McSnifferson, syndicated columnist for the Micklendersburgersburg Post-Gazzette Herald Chronicle Post. "It seems like it there's a very fine line to walk in trying to appeal to pregnant women and gay men with a show about women who may or may not be pregnant with 2.4 children and gay men who are almost definitely not the potential fathers. Then again, I've been wrong before."

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