Step away from the keyboard.

Yep, you.

I'm talking to you.

Just step slowly away, fingers away from home row. I want you to eeeease them hands down to your side, pardner.

And keep 'em there.


I don't know nothin' about Mr. David E. Kelley. You don't know any Mr. David E. Kelley. You ain't never heard of nobody name of Mr. David E. Kelley. Wouldn't know him from Adam.

Ain't that right?

Yeah, that's right. Right on, pardner. You were just mindin' your own business, and somehow "David" and "Kelley" came together with an "E" between 'em. Don't mean nothin'.

Now, why don't you get a move on there? Ain't you got a lunch or somethin' to get to?

Yeah, step to it now! Go on, GIT!

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