Dennis Leary is a chain-smoking comedian who hates every living thing on the planet, himself included. He reserves a special brand of hatred for people who add an "n" to his name. He has gained fame as the star of several TV series in which he plays functional alcoholics in blue-collar professions who hang out with the boys, descend into a spiral of self-loathing, and bang a whole lotta really hot broads.

After a brief run as a drunken, womanizing cop on ABC's The Job, he now portrays a drunken, womanizing firefighter on FX's Rescue Me. Following the conclusion of Rescue Me, Leary plans to star as a drunken, womanizing Catholic priest in a series he is currently developing for The CW, Up Yours, Jesus.

In 2004, Leary added an extra "n" to his first name to intentionally irritate Web-surfing pedants.

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