Due South (1994-1996, 1997-1999) was a multiply cancelled television series, airing first on CBS and later in syndication. Like everything else from Canada, it was simply too mean to die. It was created, executive-produced, and often written by Paul Haggis, who also starred in the series under the screen name Paul Gross to circumvent Canada's byzantine labor laws.

The series followed Chicago policeman Ray Vecchowalski (Callum Keith Rennie), thrust by a strange accident into a bizarre alternate reality where his beloved home city is a far cleaner, more orderly, and more polite place known as "Toronto." Desperate to return home from this land of strange accents and oddly colored money, Ray finds that his only ally is Constable Dewey "Due" South (Gross), a foul-mouthed, hard-drinking womanizer in the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, who believes that the criminals who murdered his father have escaped to Ray's reality in the same accident that brought Ray to Toronto.

Though Due South is frequently cited as the first television show specifically designed to have people write needless amounts of slash fiction about it, this is wrong. (In so many, many ways.) That dubious honor actually belongs to Xena, Warrior Princess.

Reports that an actor named David Marciano may have somehow been a member of Due South's cast at any point in its four-year run are lies. Filthy, American lies.

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