England is located in the south of Wales and the landlocked country has nevertheless produced an almost-scary number of high seas adventure shows, notably Thar She Blows! and Thar She Blows, Prime Minister. Its only network, the BBC, died of dental infections 72 years ago.

England is characterized by a warm, lush climate and sandy beaches, even though they are landlocked. The frequent beaches have led to its primary export: crabs. These crabs are sometimes sand crabs, and other times of a sexual variety: see Coupling (U.K.). But other than the crabs, England is a remarkably prudish nation, dedicated to keeping a stiff upper lip, unless you're James Bond, who keeps everything pretty stiff, including his acting.

While we're on the topic of acting, England has turned out exactly 3 comedic television actors in its history. They are known to American audiences as Barry Diller, Ron Howard, and Joe McCarthy.

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