Friends was a long-running situation comedy series on NBC. The show was about the lives and loves of three beautiful New York City professional women and three male friends who were either beautiful or professional, but never both. The series appeared to take place in an alternate universe with almost zero ethnic minorities; the resulting drop in population may have explained the apparent ease with which the characters afforded spacious Manhattan apartments.

The Early YearsEdit

In the early years of Friends, the show was a favorite among twentysomething-aged viewers. Experts suggest that the show gained the broad following thanks to its integration of a monkey into the main cast. Also, many women watched the show so they could instruct their hairdressers about how to give them Jennifer Aniston's haircut.

The Later YearsEdit

Friends, in its final season, had turned all of its characters into caricatures of themselves, and just as the Sun will swell in its later years, engulfing the Earth, so too did Matthew Perry get larger as the series went along. However, he did not swallow the Earth. The Earth did swallow the series' spin-off, Joey, after less than two mediocre years on the air.

Notable EpisodesEdit

  • "The One Where Joey Eats Paste"
  • "The One Where Phoebe Sings an Annoying Song"
  • "The One Where Monica Snaps in Half"
  • "The One Where Ross Whines" (Pts. 1, 2, 3 and the entire 9th season)
  • "The One Where Chandler Gets Rabies"
  • "The One Where Rachel Smacks Down Angelina Jolie, That Man-Stealing Whore"
  • "The One Where Someone Famous Plays One of Our Siblings"
  • "The One Where We Put Down Marcel"
  • "City on the Edge of Forever"

External LinksEdit

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