The German State (Television) Network, or GSN, is a Berlin-based TV network which airs on cable in the United States.

Early Years Edit

GSN was founded in 1946 by Adolf Hitler, an obscure German politician. Hitler, who was rejected at the ballot box in the 1930s and had subsequently moved to Argentina, returned to Germany to found the first German TV network. The new network seemed like it would fail on the first night, however, when a screaming Hitler's welcoming speech resulted in a coronary, killing him instantly.

Picking up the slack, however, was Deiter Wolfschelegenhausendorfferstein, a performance artist of no fixed ability, who quickly filled in with a program that later became the world-renowned Sprockets. Dieter saved GSN by heroically performing the song "Lili Marlena" for 471 straight hours during a "Save GSN" marathon. (Many years later, Deiter's attempts to save Arrested Development were not as successful.)


Deiter, idol of millions on both sides of the Atlantic, showing off his popular line of Press-On Nails.

Sprockets Edit

Deiter's eclectic mix of music, dance and celebrity interviews became a hit in Germany, and snippets of his show were aired on NBC's Saturday Night Live by the 1980s. At the height of Sprockets' popularity, though, Deiter quit the show to make movies in Hollywood instead; his trilogy of "International Man of Misery" films grossed an estimated $33.17 worldwide.

Other GSN Programs Edit

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