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Gavin McLeod (born Feb. 28, 1887) is an actor who appeared on The Mary Tyler Moore Show and The Love Boat. He is also bald.

How bald is he?

Gavin McLeod is so bald you can see what's on his mind.

Gavin McLeod is so bald that when he takes a shower, he gets brain-washed.

He's bald, I'm telling you. He's so bald that people always chase him around with billiard sticks!

Gavin McLeod is so bald, when he looks at his reflection in the mirror first thing in the morning, he's got to put on sunglasses!

How bald is Gavin McLeod? So bald that he looks at William Shatner and thinks, "Man, nice hair!"

That's all my time, ladies and gentlemen! Tip your waiters and waitresses! Try the fish!

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