Germany is a European country country founded in the years before World War I by Kaiser Wilhelm von Frederich von Otto der Nibelung. Playing a major part in that war and World War II, Germany was split over what to do in the wake of the Cold War.

No, I mean literally. Cold War fans in the western part of Germany supported the United States of America. Fans in the east generally supported the Communists in the USSR. This led to fear and confusion, especially during the Cuban Missile Crisis. To stop the paranoia, the Berlin Wall was constructed so that the fans of America and of the Soviets would stop fighting each other. The country was divided into two parts, West Germany and East Germany. Germany remained a divided nation for years until President Ronald Reagan single-handedly tore down the Wall and ended the Cold War. Today, perhaps ironically, it is East German souvenirs that make the most money on eBay.

In addition to relics from the Cold War, Germany also exports unchecked military aggression and German beer. However, much of the economy relies on the export of umlauts, the special letters with two dots above them, to metal bands such as Mötley Crüe.

Germany is the home of GSN, the popular German State Network.

Notable Shows Set in GermanyEdit

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