Haley Joel Osmond is the youngest member of the legendary Osmond Family.

At the age of six, Haley discovered that he had the ability to speak with the dead, a power that was at odds with his Mormon upbringing. Haley was initially able to hide his dark secret from his family and fans, starring in the hit show The Jeff Foxworthy Show and the movie The Howard Show, where he played the role of the young Ron Howard.

However, his powers could not stay secret for long, and Haley was ultimately outed by the dead actor Bruce Willis. But instead of being a drag on his career, being free of this albatross gave Haley a huge boost, and he went on to star in every single movie that had a role for a young boy.

In the year 2000, after working with Haley on the movie A.I., director Steven Spielberg recruited his friend George Lucas to create a female clone of Haley. This clone goes by the name Dakota Fanning.

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