Harlan Ellison is a writer best known for his work in the genre of science fiction.

Once, Ellison was a normal, ordinary writer with average talent. His life changed when Rod Serling accidentally injected him with an overdose of irony during a writer's meeting on the set of The Twilight Zone. On that day, Ellison was transformed, becoming television's best writer and most embittered man.

Unable to accept any changes in his scripts for any reason, Ellison has been hired and fired by more shows than anyone really cares to count. Among his career highlights are his work with Star Trek, Babylon 5, The Twilight Zone, According to Jim and several of Bill Cosby's many shows. In perhaps the biggest irony of all, nobody remembers any of this, preferring to remember Ellison as the genius behind the greatest Friends episode of all time, "City on the Edge of Forever." To this day, Ellison flies into a blind, angry rage whenever somebody mentions Friends or "City..." in front of him.

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