Homeboys in Outer Space was a sitcom that successfully mixed laughs and sci-fi. It debuted on the WB during 1996.

It starred Flex as Flexicus Alexanderus and Cassius Clay as his partner Morris T. Catt, a pair of fun loving African-American space adventurers who traveled around the universe in a craft called the Space Hoopty. The Space Hoopty came equipped with an A.I. computer named Shumiqua, whose voice was provided by an unknown sassy African American woman.

Flexicus and Morris would have one wild adventure after another, encountering buxom women wearing embarrassing costumes, occasional brushes with D-list has-beens making brief, humiliating cameo appearances, the omnipresent laughtrack from Married With Children and limp parodies of science fiction TV series and films.

The show lasted for 1 season, culminating in the much anticipated final episode Homeboys vs. the NAACP.

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