It's Your Move was the most creative, witty sitcom to ever grace NBC -- however briefly -- with its presence. At least, I thought so when I was thirteen years old, and until somebody re-airs the show or releases a DVD set to prove me wrong, I will continue to irritate everyone I know by gushing about its genius.

It's Your Move ran from September 1984 to February 1985, and chronicled the antics of a precocious young boy who would stop at nothing to keep the man across the hall from boning his mom. Also, he had a big plastic padlock that let him practice his lockpicking skills. For some reason.

It featured Jason Bateman and the neighbor guy from Married With Children. No, not that guy. The other neighbor guy from Married With Children. Bateman's mother was played by Caren Kaye, though for some reason I could have sworn she was actually played by Dee Wallace Stone. Either way, she was a total MILF.