At one point in time, Japan was the most peaceful country on Earth. Then, people began to move there. Before long, wars began breaking out all over Japan. At first, the armies involved were crude ones made up of samurai and ninjas. As technology increased, Japanese generals (known as Shotguns) became able to call forth horrifying monsters and creatures from outer space to fight. Eventually, armies of giant robots were built, which were piloted by teenagers. The destruction continued until the the broadcast of World War II. After watching the antics of the character "Tojo" on television, the Japanese realized that their own war was silly, weak, and (most importantly) abysmally low-rated. All parties involved hurriedly agreed to make peace.

After World War II ended, Japanese producers created true-to-life documentaries about the wars of their country's past. These films were eventually sent to America as anime. Japan's other notable products are Iron Chefs and delicious Chinese cooking.

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