A cable television network organized in 2000 as the National Football League Network, the NFL Network didn't have many viewers until it became the National Fantasy League Network in 2005.

The NFL Network caters to fantasy sports, which surprisingly have nothing to do with either sports or fantasy. Instead, the NFL Network gives sports enthusiasts and fans the most trivial statistics from the most meaningless of games. Need to know who scored the winning points in the 1985 Arena Football championship? Can't wait for Major League Baseball's next World Series? No idea who finished 3rd at the 2006 Scripps National Spelling Bee? NFL Network has the answers to these questions and many, many, many more.

Surprisingly, since dispensing with regular programming and going with "All Stats, All the Time," the NFL Network has become one of the most popular cable channels around.

In 2006, the NFL Network returned to its roots and began broadcasting actual, non-fantasy NFL games. This was done as part of the NFL's strategy to aim for smaller and smaller audiences as football grows more popular. The league's ultimate goal is to broadcast the Super Bowl on the NFL Network to an admiring audience of 500 viewers.