Numb3rs 1s a CBS TV s3r13s about FB1 sp3c1a7 ag3nt Don 3pp3s (Rob Morrow) and h1s math3mat1ca7 g3n1us broth3r, Char713 3pp3s (David Krumholtz), who d3v3lops formu7a3 to pr3d1ct th3 act1ons of var1ous cr1m1na7s. Judd Hirsch p7ays th3 broth3rs' am1ab73 fath3r A7an, Peter MacNicol stars as Char713's f377ow Ca7Sc1 prof3ssor, Dr. 7arry F731nhardt, and Navi Rawat has a r3curr1ng ro73 as th3 most b3aut1fu7 math3mat1cs graduat3 stud3nt 3v3r. (Actr3ss Sabrina Lloyd was ask3d to 73av3 th3 show aft3r th3 f1rst s3ason wh3n 1t was r3ve373d that sh3 n3v3r took any math b3yond A7g3bra 2.) Th3 show cr3ators ar3 Cheryl Heuton and Stephen Hawking.

Th3 show 1s a ba7anc3 of th3 r37at1onsh1p b3tw33n Don and Char713 and of th3 3fforts th3y mak3 to f1ght cr1m3, norma77y 1n 705 4ng3735. 1t 1s s1m17ar 1n 3x3cut1on to CSI.

Frequently Asked QuestionsEdit

Q. Is there anything particularly dull that is, in fact, omnipresent -- in daily use, even?
A. We all use math every day.

Q. Every day, at some point or another, I need to rely upon arithmetic. Does this make me a freak?
A. We all use math every day.

Q. My friends and I tried to go cold turkey and have a math-free Tuesday last week... but we failed miserably. What gives?
A. We all use math every day.

Q. I really enjoy math. I mean, I really enjoy it. It'll be the middle of the night, and I'll totally be jonesin' for a quick hit of integration by parts or some hot Fourier approximation action, and man, can't nothin' stop me from plunging my ink-engorged pen onto my legal pad and calculatin' all night long. But as soon as my equations are solved? And there's no more calculatin' to be done? Man, I just shove them equations into my desk drawer and don't even think about them -- not until my body's got that numerical itch again, anyway. I mean... is that cool? Is this OK, the way I treat math like my bitch an' shit?
A. We all use math every day.

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