POTUS, or President of the United States, is a special recurring role shared amongst a number of television programs.

The selection of The President is done via a reality show called Campaign! which airs every four years. This season-long program features a number of hopeful Presidential candidates who are eliminated in a series of call-in ballots. The final episode of Campaign! airs during the first week of Sweeps, where the winner of the POTUS role is announced. (An exception occurred in the year 2000, when an unexpected surge in popularity convinced the networks to continue airing Campaign! for an extra month.) Each POTUS has the role for four years -- unless the opportunity to star in an Oliver Stone movie comes along. If the POTUS proves to be exceptionally popular with the viewers, he may enter the contest for a second time; however, each actor can only win Campaign! twice.

Contrary to what many in the country believe, President George W. Bush was never the actual POTUS; he was a stock villain character used by television writers. (In 2008 Oliver Stone, unable to convince President Laura Roslin to leave office, produced and directed a movie, W, that featured Bush as the lead character.)

The current POTUS is President Barack Obama, who first won Campaign! in 2008 with his sweet brand of Chicago soul music. In 2012, during his re-election bid, Obama became the first ever President to win Campaign! simply by just being there.

The current host of Campaign! is Ryan Seacrest. Seacrest also hosted the Campaign! Ultimate Tournament of Champions special.

List of past POTIIEdit

an * indicates a POTUS who left office early to star in an Oliver Stone project

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