President FDR is the only contestant to ever win Campaign! four straight times. It was this unprecedented success that prompted the show's producers to change the rules, limiting future Campaign! contestants to no more than two victories, lest the writing for the POTUS become too stilted and hackneyed. (Although ironically enough, President FDR did not triumph during his appearance on the Campaign! Ultimate Tournament of Champions special.)

President FDR is best known for creating the hit series World War II, the show that singlehandedly made everyone forget all about the Great Depression. He also had a recurring role on Fierstein Chats, the Harvey Fierstein talk show where Fierstein and guest would share a cocktail while chatting about politics and sharing celebrity gossip - a show that lives on to this day as The McLaughlin Group. Sadly, during a Very Special Episode of Fierstein Chats, President FDR got into a fight with his father, Teddy, and was whomped in the back with a big stick, paralyzing President FDR from the waist down.

Turning to "the medicinal Properties of Marihuana Cigarillos" for pain-management purposes, President FDR consumed an inhuman amount of THC-bearing products during his later days as POTUS, gaining the nickname "Dimebag F-Durr" around the Beltway. The name was popular with the populace, inspiring the U.S. Mint to put the face of President FDR on the U.S. 10-cent piece and spawning the pro-drug-legalization Million Man March of Dimes in the process.

At the conclusion of World War II's final season, President FDR was given a lucrative opportunity to star in an Oliver Stone film which he readily accepted. To quote from his parting speech to the American public: "I'm outies, all y'all! There's a new sheriff in town!"

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