When the hit reality show Campaign! moved from radio to television in 1960, JFK used an alien weapon known as the 'sweat gun' to totally own the other finalist, "Tricky" Dick Nixon, and become the next American POTUS.

Despite his sweeping victory, JFK's career as POTUS got off to a rocky start. His first made-for-TV movie, Bay of Pigs, was a critical and ratings disappointment. However, JFK soon bounced back, as his mini-series The Cuban Missile Crisis kept American viewers glued to their television sets for 13 nights in a row, becoming the highest-rated mini-series in television history until dethroned over a decade later by Roots.

With his newfound success, movie offers for JFK began pouring in. However, JFK was unable to get out of his contract to play POTUS, and in November 1963 he was forced to fake his own death in order to go on to star in a film by Oliver Stone.

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