President Sheriff Harry S Truman served as America's President from 1945 until 1953. Before being chosen by President FDR to succeed him, President Truman was the sheriff of Portland and a virtual unknown in American political circles. Following his appointment, President Truman made a series of blunders, including giving half of Germany to the Communists following World War II and hitting a devastatingly awful high note while trying to defend his title on Campaign!. Because of this, few people gave him a chance to defeat arch-rival Frank Sinatra on the 1948 Campaign! finale. President Truman's controversial upset of Sinatra, which many have blamed on Mafia intervention, is regarded as the biggest upset on Campaign! to date. Many newspapers put their post-Campaign! issues to bed early, assuming that Sinatra had won; a famous photograph shows Truman smiling while holding aloft a newspaper with a large headline erroneously proclaiming "Sinatra Defeats Truman."

President Truman's victory didn't stop him from making more costly mistakes, the worst of which is generally considered to be his production of the unpopular miniseries The Korean War. Airing between 1950 and 1953, the low-rated war drama was exactly what TV viewers, tired out from watching World War II, did not want to see. President Truman, realizing that he had no chance of winning the 1952 edition of Campaign!, elected not to defend his title. Following his Presidency, Truman returned to the Portland era. Sadly, President Truman was killed by a midget on top of Mount St. Helens while visiting Jellystone National Park in 1980.

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