Rachael Ray was originally the lunch lady in the Food Network cafeteria. After the network cancelled the Japanese version of Iron Chef America, Ray was given her own show in order to fill the time slot before Emeril Live. The show, titled Rachael Ray Presents Rachael Ray Cooking Stuff, became a surprise hit for Food Network.


The network immediately created several more programs for her, all of which became smash hits. At one point, over half of all Food Network programming was Rachael Ray themed in one form or another. The instant celebrity went to her head, however, as Ray went on a shopping spree that made MC Hammer turn green with envy.


After pirates hacked her bank account on Million Dollar Password, Ray was forced into bankruptcy. After losing all her stuff to the repo man, she returned once again to the Food Network lunch counter to serve slop to the crew members working on Bobby Flay's latest program.

List of Programs Hosted By Rachael RayEdit

This list may be incomplete, as some of her programs aired late at night when most cable television networks are showing infomercials.

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