Richard Dawson, born in 1932, was obtained by Gene Roddenberry in 1973 to see the effects of an actor perpetually being an @$$hole on national television. He then got the job of hosting

A pic from the last episode of Family Feud, which was abruptly cancelled after Richard forgot this contestant's name.

a game show named Family Feud, which also served as an experiment to see the effects of a man making out with several contestants on national television. Dawson stayed on the Feud until 1985, when he ran out of women to kiss.

He was largely unseen until 1994, when he received an urgent message from Ray Combs, a former would-be criminal who turned his life around and was now hosting Dawson's old show. Combs was on the run from CIA operatives who caught up with his past life, and he begged Dawson to cover for him on the Feud. As a result, Dawson returned to the show in 1994, but this new version ended in 1995, when it was officially proven that Dawson no longer knew what he was doing.

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