Russell T. Davies is the BBC's foremost producer of science fiction television.

After skyrocketing to fame with Queer as Folk, a far-fetched series about a strange alternate universe where men like to have sex with other men, and The Second Coming, a TV movie in which Jesus is "reimagined" as a bald Welshman with funny ears and funnier teeth, Davies secured a plum gig as the executive producer for the revival of Doctor Who.

Fans around the world thrilled once more to the return of the Doctor and the resumption of his eternal rivalry with the nefarious Klingons. As a result of the show's popularity, Davies now writes and/or executive produces approximately one-third of the entirety of the BBC's scripted dramatic programming, including spinoff series Torchwood and The Sarah Michelle Gellar-bot Adventures.

His newest project, Russell T. Davies' Nervous Collapse: Live! should premiere any day now.

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