Saint Lennie of Briscoe is a mythological character portrayed since the Babylonian era, in various incarnations, by actor Jerry Orbach on the NBC series Law & Order. Aligning somewhat with the traditional trickster archetype, this much-beloved figure leaves a trail of dead bodies, spent coffee cups, and disgruntled ex-wives in his wake. His many followers find his presence familiar and comforting, and an entire field of scholarship has sprung up around the philosophical implications of the one-liners with which he opens every episode.

Saint Lennie has recently departed the mortal plane once more, due to Orbach's recent death, but his followers have faith that he will return to them, his sarcasm and gentle good humor undiminished, and his record still unblemished by unsolved cases. In the meantime, his lingering presence can be found in perpetual reruns on TNT.

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