Show Us Your Monkey! was a popular monkey-themed TV show from the early days of television when programming could best be described as "radio with pictures."

Format of Show Us Your Monkey!Edit

Requiring very little in the way of sophisticated camera movement or technical innovation, Show Us Your Monkey! featured a lone host -- Edward R. Murrow in season one, Soupy Sales in the subsequent years -- standing in front of a single camera, inviting viewers to send in pictures of their monkeys. The host would also hold up pictures of monkeys sent in by viewers; the camera would zoom in and pan over to other pictures, while the host commented on the monkey in each image.


Show Us Your Monkey! was one of the most popular shows on television on 1952, trailing only professional wrestling and The Army-McCarthy Hearings in the ratings.

Covert OperationsEdit

Show Us Your Monkey! was also a clandestine operation by the Truman Administration to clamp down on unlicensed pet owners. Viewers who sent in their pictures were often raided by federal agents, who would often cite and arrest those same viewers for violations of the Knowland Exotic Animals Act. Nevertheless, Show Us Your Monkey! remained a popular program until it was replaced by its spin-off Show Us Your Subversive Neighbors!

1990's revivalEdit

George Clooney hosted a revival version of Show Us Your Monkey! from 1995 to 1998. Airing only in syndication late at night, this version was nonetheless loved by college students, who created a short-lived fad called "MonkeyMania" based on the show during the late 1990s.

Show Me the Monkey! (2006)Edit

ABC revived Show Us Your Monkey! in Sweeps 2006, using the title Show Me the Monkey! for legal reasons. Starring William Shatner and dozens of former porn stars, Show Me the Monkey! quickly became a smash hit for the network, finishing near the top of the ratings and pulling the little-watched Dancing with the Stars to a rare ratings victory over the CW's Veronica Mars. Despite the high ratings, ABC was forced to stop airing Show Me the Monkey! in December 2006, due to a lawsuit filed by Crane, Poole & Schmidt on behalf of their client John Scopes, claiming emotional distress and seeking unspecified damages.

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