Situation Comedy is an ancient dramatic form invented by the Greeks.

Euripides is thought to be the creator of the first documented sitcom, Everybody Loves Oedipus. Although few samples of Oedipus survive, those fragments that do remain suggest that the series was very similar in format to what we see today, suggesting that perhaps the situation comedy dates from the oral tradition of Homer.

Everybody Loves Oedipus tells a story that would not be unfamiliar to CBS viewers: a father, a wife, kids and meddling in-laws feature prominently. One fragment suggests that a supporting character was Oedipus' co-worker Halai, a moor. Some contemporaneous artwork suggests that while Jocosta, Oedipus' wife, was extremely attractive, Oedipus himself was somewhat pudgy.

The largest existing fragment of an Oedipus script seems to address an important topic: the imbibing of fermented fruit by adolescent children.

Unfortunately, the relative scantiness of evidence suggests that Everybody Loves Oedipus was cancelled after just a few stages.