Smallville, Kansas, despite its relatively small size, has set several nationwide records.

It is the site of the largest number of impacts from unearthly green meteors; home of the most recorded paranormal incidents outside of Sunnydale, California; and it has the highest per-capita rate of automobile accidents, and consequently the highest auto insurance rates, of any city or town in the U.S. Its citizens have also registered the highest scores ever recorded on the Gough-Millar Gullibility Index, willing to explain away any number of extraordinary occurrences as "a trick of the light" or "swamp gas." Given Smallville residents' sleepy, unquestioning nature, it should be no surprise that they voted for President George W. Bush in record numbers in both 2000 and 2004, despite receiving threats by favorite son Lex Luthor to blow up the city if they didn't vote for him again.

Smallville is the setting for a popular reality television series on The WB The CW, whose cameras follow the life and times of an ordinary farm boy native to the town.

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