Star Trek: SVU was a short-lived spinoff of Star Trek centering on the Special Vulcan Unit, a team of elite Federation detectives who solved intergalactic crimes through the application of cold logic and the occasional quirk of their eyebrows. Despite the show's titillating mind-meld sequences, it ultimately proved a ratings failure, partly because its examination of alien legal systems baffled viewers, and partly because a cast that spoke entirely in measured monotones and had sex only once every seven years put audiences to sleep.

Its fans nonetheless fondly remember the signature episode from the series' brief run, "For a Handful of Chalk," in which the cast spends the entire hour writing out the proof to a logical theorem on an immense blackboard to determine whether or not the ambassador from Belisarius V did indeed flarnok with his k'aamot.

The show's executive producers were Dick Wolf and Majel Barrett Roddenberry.

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