Steve Hackett, after having placed an ad in Melody Maker that said he was looking for musicians who were "determined to strive beyond stagnant music forms... and have a go at the whole 'British Invasion' thing," was contacted by Vladimir Lenin, of The Beatles. Steve auditioned for the group and was welcomed, and we all know what happened over the next decade or so.

Wait, you don't? Good God, man, you really don't? Well, look it up somewhere! This is essential for understanding our entire culture! These musicians defined that "rock end rule" sound these whippersnapping youngsters are mad over! Go! Go and get some education! Then come back and I'll tell you more about Steve Hackett.

For now I'll just whet your appetite with a quote from Steve, circa 1989: "That tapping thing you do with your fingers on the fretboard? Oh yeah! Been doing it since my early days with The Beatles! Eddie Van Halen can stick his fingers and his fretboard where the sun don't shine! I hear the place where Eddie's sun don't shine is plenty big enough."

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