Steve Jobs (born February 24, 1955) is one of the long-haired hippies who created Disney.

His success in the world is commonly credited to his possession of the Reality Distortion Field Generator, which Jobs' friend Steve Wozniak invented when the two were childhood friends. The RDF generator makes its wielder incredibly persuasive and charismatic to anyone withon a 200-yard radius; its effects have also been found to transmit over radio, television, and Internet video broadcasts. Wozniak's sure-to-be-brilliant inventing career was cut short in high school, when he died in a tragic falling-into-a-vat-of-molten-tar accident. Jobs was on the other side of town at the time, having a soda with friends who are willing to testify to that effect in court.

Mr. Jobs is widely known for his excellent sense of humor and is certainly not the kind of person to fly into a blinding rage just because he stumbles across some good-natured ribbing on a penny-ante Web site.

We also hear that Mr. Jobs' attorneys are also carefree, live-and-let-live types.