Not much is known about the TV supernetwork known as Syndication -- they're known to ruthlessly buy out all network sitcoms, and produce five times the number of episodes, under the most grueling conditions. It's unknown where all this production money comes from (some believe it's part of Larry David's criminal empire), however for a while, Syndication used WB and UPN as fronts for its sinister operation, until it was realized the WB and UPN aren't going to make anybody look respectable.

The other networks cower in fear of the Syndication syndicate, but are helpless to stop it in light of its powerful muscle -- namely aliens and Pan-Hellenic superheroes. Also, the powerful mode of transport known as the Soul Train allows Syndication to quickly remove its tracks and stay one step ahead of the law. For this reason, many Networks cancel their most treasured shows early to keep them out of Syndication's clutches.

Notable ShowsEdit

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