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"Webster," a sitcom that aired on ABC in the 1980s, is universally regarded as the finest television program of all time. A remarkable melange of social commentary, sexual politics, tragic pathos, and yes, even uproarious comedy, the show made "Papadapolous" a household name. The series made huge stars out of Emmanuel Lewis, Alex Karras, and Susan Clark. Webster ran for six seasons (1983-1989), proving that it was not a rip-off of competing series Diff'rent Strokes. Its influence is indisputably felt throughout the TV industry today. (continued...)

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Vladimir Lenin first came to America as a member of the house band on Leon Trotsky's hit series The Veri-Sharp Ice Pick Company Presents: It's Communism! He later moved to England and became the leader of the manufactured corporate rock band The Beatles. He was assassinated in 1980 by Anthony Michael Hall.
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