The following is a message from Jimbo Wales, founder of Wikipedia, TeeVeePedia, Bulbapedia and every other pedia known to man. A link to this message appeared on TeeVeePedia's front page throughout its entire existence, probably by law.

"Hello. I'm Jimbo Wales. And I make the Internet better.

Perhaps you know me from my earlier efforts with Wikipedia, a wonderful ongoing experiment in online community where you people do all the work. At Wikipedia, it doesn't matter if you're a Harvard professor with five books to your name or some moody Internet crank with an ax to grind -- everyone gets a say. And articles are only as good as their most recent edit -- which means they can only get better. Theoretically, I mean.

With Wikipedia now firmly intrenched as the definitive source for online information, I was looking for new areas that might benefit from the power of wikis. And then it hit me: What are the two things people love to do when they're not busy surfing the 'Net?

  1. Watch television.
  2. Unfailingly correct other people.

So I decided to create a place that would fuel both these noble pursuits. But I couldn't fling wide the doors to this exciting new marketplace of televised ideas by myself. I needed the experienced hand of people who know television to give this project the first gentle push it required. So I started by reaching out to the top online television writers. Three days later and halfway through my list, I came to

At first the writers were resistant to this project, owing to their shiftless, lazy nature. Then, they demanded money. Now it was my turn to be resistant!

Finally, we reached an agreement. "How would you worthless bastards like it if someone were to create a Wikipedia entry that suggested each and every one of you participated in the Kennedy assassination?" I suggested. Needless to say, they were ready to play ball after mulling over how poorly "co-conspirator" looks on a resume.

But the TeeVee writers can't do everything themselves. They have far too little talent. That's why the TeeVeePedia project depends on you and your vast television knowledge. We're counting on you to take those humble first entries and nurture them into a mighty forest of enlightenment. I mean, you could hardly make them any worse -- not if you're a native-English speaker, anyhow.

So, welcome to TeeVeePedia. And get cracking -- these goddamn wikis don't write themselves."

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