The Iraq War, occasionally known as the War on Terror or the Fight for Freedom, is a dramatic series starring President George W. Bush and a cast of thousands. A sequel to the hugely popular 1991 mini-series The Gulf War, The Iraq War aired mainly on the Fox News Channel and its network affiliate, Fox. Due to the huge scale of The Iraq War, portions of the program were also broadcast on CNN, CBS, NBC, and ABC.

The Iraq War told the story of Bush, a popular Republican President, and his neverending struggle to bring democracy and peace to the Earth following the destruction of New York City's two tallest buildings on September 11, 2001. Bush called upon America's heroic "Freedom Forces" to fight terrorism using combat techniques performed in Gitmo Bay, Cuba. Much like the 1970's battle between the Super Friends and the Legion of Doom, the forces of good always won in the end but the bad guys always seemed to escape ultimate justice. Because of this, ratings for The Iraq War were on a steady decline beginning in 2001. However, The Iraq War was popular enough that cancellation seemed unlikely for the longest time... until one fateful early morning in December 2011.

That morning, an anonymous team of Navy Seals were secretly flown in from Antarctica by real-life President Barack Obama and dispatched to the residence of The Iraq War's executive producer. Assault rifles at the ready in their flippers, the seals managed to wrangle their way to the producer's bedroom, and -- with expert precision -- killed him with a single bullet to the head in his sleep. The next morning, millions across America rejoiced at the news, dancing and having open celebrations in the streets like there was no tomorrow. Meanwhile, as what little fans there were left mourned the producer's tragic loss, it was decided to pull the plug on The Iraq War once and for all out of respect.

The Iraq War employed the largest cast of actors seen on one program since the end of Vietnam War. There is some controversy on the exact show classification that The Iraq War falls under. Some anti-war liberals believe it should be listed as science fiction. Pro-war hawks, on the other hand, prefer that The Iraq War be listed as a reality show.

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