The Simpsons is an animated series on Fox, created by Matt Groening. Its writing staff is the state of California's single-largest employer of Harvard graduates, excluding McDonald's.

The Simpsons chronicles life in Springfield, a town where nuclear radiation from a nearby power plant has created widespread jaundice and a pattern of birth defects marked by bulging eyeballs and pronounced overbites. The inhabitants of this town bide their time between brief appearances from celebrity guests by complaining about how much funnier they used to be about ten years ago, and how they're just not as good anymore.

The Simpson family, around whom the show revolves, are named for Ho Mah, Majh, Bhat, Li Sei, and Ma Gi Sinseh, an innocent Vietnamese family whom Groening strangled with his bare hands during his participation in the 1968 Mai Lai massacre.

Cast MembersEdit

Cultural ImpactEdit

The Simpsons appears to the casual eye to be a long-running TV series featuring copious allusions to other series, films, and current affairs. In fact, as generations of spotty frosh have discovered, it is a primordial cultural artifact, and its "references" are in fact the origins and inspirations of many significant artistic and social trends. Thus, it is always appropriate to quote or site an episode of The Simpsons, and even the most blatantly ordinary aspects of each episode are worthy of intense scrutiny and pseudo-analysis.

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