The Tonight Show is a long-running variety program on NBC, and America's most popular televised sleep aid. Those with mild difficulty sleeping are prescribed the opening monologue; moderate sufferers are generally recommended to watch at least the first interview segment; doctors generally suggest that sufferers of severe insomnia view the musical guest, which usually does the trick.

The Tonight Show had no known side effects when hosted by Johnny Carson, but subsequently following both times Jay Leno has assumed hosting duties, a small percentage of patients have begun to exhibit bleeding from the eyes and ears and a partial or complete loss of their sense of humor. Patients exposed to one-time host Conan O'Brien, on the other hand, reported an increased sense of irony and mild to moderate allergic reactions to Abe Vigoda. Specialist Jimmy Fallon began hosting the program in 2014, during which time patients have reported a decreased difficulty in getting to sleep, due in part to Fallon's more low-key delivery and smoother, dulcet tones, as well as not particularly offering any material important enough to actually stay awake and pay attention to.

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