You remember how on Married With Children there was this annoying neighbor lady, Marcy, who would come over and bother the Bundys all the time? Right. Well, this guy was her first husband.

No, you're thinking of Ted McGinley. He came later. I'm talking about her first husband. Dark hair, sort of Jewishy-looking? Yeah, that guy.

No, not the guy she was having sex with all the time, that's Ted McGinley. This was the other guy. I don't think they were having sex at all. You know, kinda skinny, Al was always getting him into trouble? He got Marcy's old banking job in Episode 204, "If I Were a Rich Man", but then he lost his job and left Marcy in the middle of season four? You know who I'm talking about, right?


All right, all right. Don't get all pissed off. I didn't watch that fucking show all the time either, I'm just trying to describe the guy so you know who I'm talking about.

Well anyway, that was the guy who played Norman on It's Your Move. Man, that was a great show.

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