Veronica Mars was a television series on UPN The CW, created by Rob Thomas, starring Kristen Bell as a tiny, adorable blonde detective who was smarter than everyone else on the planet, but not nearly as smart as she thinks she is. It is perhaps best known as the only television series known to make Joss Whedon and Bruce Tinsley squeal like sixteen-year-old girls at a Beatles concert.

Scientists have classified Veronica Mars fans as the second-most annoying TV fans on the planet, after the Whedonites. Certain members of the TeeVeePedia staff vehemently protested this; then again, they also secretly longed (and still long in most cases) to be Mr. Kristen Bell.

After three seasons of unusually high quality and microscopic ratings, Veronica Mars was finally cancelled in May 2007, prompting an outcry of fan unhappiness that made Fox's Anguish division seethe with envy as green as The CW itself. Following a prolonged period of uncertainty that made the plot of Lost look straightforward and coherent, CW President Dawn Ostroff announced that the show would not return to the fall lineup, largely because creator Rob Thomas "failed to dance in a manner that sufficiently amused me." The series' time slot was instead filled with Lip-Synching Prostitutes Jiggle For You, America!, and Who Wants to Marry America's Next Top Farm Animal.

Fans' dismay at the series' cancellation was quickly alleviated by the realization that they would never have to watch The CW again.

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